Visita de Estudo à Estónia

Biodiversidade e alterações climáticas:uma visão da Estónia. É este o tema que leva um grupo de jornalista a esta republica do Báltico entre os dias 20 e 22 de Maio, de 2015, a convite da Associação Estoniana de Jornalistas de Ciência.

“With half of its land covered with forests, and a sea territory dotted with more than 1,500 islands, Estonia can boast of a strikingly abundant biodiversity”, pode ler-se no comunicado enviado para a ARCA.

“On the three days of the trip, you will be meeting a number of outstanding Estonian ecologists and other environmental scientists, as well as experience Estonian nature first-hand on a visit to the wooded meadow of Laelatu, one of the most species-rich places in Europe.
Programme itinerary at a glance:
· Tuesday, 19 May: Arrival in Tallinn; Welcome Dinner
· Wednesday, 20 May: Tallinn University; Tallinn University of Technology (presentations on
the TUT’s research vessel Salme, cruising the Tallinn Bay)
· Thursday, 21 May: visits to the Laelatu wooded meadow and the Tartu Observatory
· Friday, 22 May: University of Tartu; Estonian University of Life Sciences; return to Tallinn
· Saturday, 23 May: Departure (or start of the weekend in Estonia on your own!)
Presentations (more to be added)
· Shinya Sugita, Tallinn University. Environmental history in the Holocene: why does it
· Maarja Kruusmaa, Tallinn University of Technology. Using aquatic robots to protect the
· Urmas Lips, Tallinn University of Technology. Eutrophication and hypoxia in the Baltic
(includes demo observations on board the research vessel)
· Rivo Uiboupin, Tallinn University of Technology. Satellites and advanced marine monitoring
· Anu Reinart, Tartu Observatory. Monitoring biodiversity from space
· Leho Tedersoo, University of Tartu. The global biodiversity of fungi
· Meelis Pärtel, University of Tartu. Dark biodiversity
· Raivo Mänd, University of Tartu. Potential effects of a warming climate on forest birds in hemiboreal Estonia
· Ülo Niinemets, Estonian University of Life Sciences. The role of plants in climate change
· Tiiu Kull, Estonian University of Life Sciences. Orchids, symbols of beauty and mystery
· Steffen Noe, Estonian University of Life Sciences. SMEAR Estonia – integrated ecosystem
and climate research on large scale
· Kalev Sepp, Estonian University of Life Sciences. The impact of climate change on the
migration routes of the Eurasian crane

Practical information

Accommodation for four nights (May 19–23), meals, and transportation during the trip will be covered by us, the organisers. You will be responsible for your travel expenses to and from Tallinn, including airport transfer. However, in case your association or media organisation is not able to pay for your travel, you are eligible to ask EUSJA to cover 50% of the cost of your plane tickets. Applications will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, depending on the availability of funds.
If you like, you can stay over for the weekend after the study trip, or even longer. A great idea would be to take a trip to an Estonian island, or even to spend a day or two in Tallinn, world famous for its red-roofed medieval Old Town. We can help you book your hotel, etc.

Please send your application via your national association by 2nd of March, 2015 to Priit Ennet( In the application, you should include your name, e-mail address, and the media
outlet that you work for.

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