Viagem de trabalho à Dinamarca

Aqui fica informação em inglês para os sócios interessados em saber mais sobre a investigação na área da saúde nos países nórdiccos. As candidaturas deverão ser enviadas para a direcção que depois encaminha os candidatos para a EUSEJA. Os custos da viagem para Copenhaga é assumido pelos candidatos que depois poderão vir a ser reembolsados pla organização da visita de estudo:

The BSHR HealthPort Press Study Tour invites journalists for a 3 days visit to Copenhagen. The press study tour will focus on commercialization of ideas from clinics and hospitals and give an insight into the Danish Health and Biotech sector as a practical example.´

During the tour will be launched an Innovation Agenda giving recommendations on how to create a competitive health economy in the Baltic Sea Region. Health and Bio Economy will be further discussed with the Nordic Council of Ministers and the tour gives presentations of projects, companies, science and business parks.

HR HealthPort is a pillar of the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy flagship ScanBalt Health Region.

Practical information

Upon arrival to Copenhagen the participants are kindly requested on their own to find their way to the venue for Day 1 Copenhagen Bio Science Park at Ole Maaløes Vej 3. Further instructions will be forwarded to confirmed participants.

Hotel booking will be taken care of by the organiser. All journalists will be accomodated at the same hotel in the center of Copenhagen. Accomodation and meals for journalists are financed by the Press Study Tour.

The participants are kindly requested to take care of their own travel arrangements. A number of travel
grants covering economy class tickets may be available upon request.

Programme (changes may occur)

Day 1, Tuesday 28 May
11.00 The Press Study Tour starts at Copenhagen Bio Science Park, COBIS
Adress: Ole Maaløes Vej 3, Copenhagen,
Welcome by:
• Wolfgang Blank, Chairman of ScanBalt (c);
• Jaanus Piikani, Vice Chairman of ScanBalt, responsible for the Press Study Tour (c);
• Sophie Labrosse, Danish ScanBalt Liaison Office (c)
Introduction to ScanBalt BioRegion and ScanBalt HealthRegion:
• Wolfgang Blank (c)
13:00 Lunch COBIS
Release of the HealthPort Innovation Agenda
• Thomas Karopka, BioCon Valley, agenda development responsible (c)
Presentation of ScanBalt Forum 2013
• Prof. Ewa Lojkowska, Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology, Gdansk (tbc)
Innovative solutions for Public-Private collaborations:
• Aalborg University, Prof. Lene Lange, Campus Director (c)
• COBIS, CEO Morten Mølgård-Jensen (c)
Part-financed by the European Union
Company visits COBIS
• Company 1 (tbc)
• Company 2 (tbc)
17.00 Departure COBIS and check in at hotel
19.00 Dinner In walking distance from hotel.

Day 2, Wednesday 29 May:
8:30 Departure from hotel by bus transfer.
9.00 Arrival to Symbion Science Park,, room M3
Welcome to Symbion:
• CEO Peter Thorstensen (c)
Presentation of national innovation strategy for Denmark:
• Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education (c)
The Danish Biotech Industry today:
• Randi Krogsgaard, Danish Biotech Association (c)
• Company 1 (tbc)
• Company 2 (tbc)
12:00 Lunch Symbion Science Park
Transfer of Ideas from the Clinic:
• Introduction by Head of Innovation, Kjeld Lisby, Ideklinikken Aalborg (c)
• HealthPort Innovation Competition, Project Manager Kati Takaluoma, Culminatum
Innovation (c)
• Innovation competition winner Relaxbirth Ltd (tbc)
• Innovation competition winner TBD-Biodiscovery (tbc)
• Dermatological Investigations Scandinavia, Professor Klaus Ejner Andersen, University of
Southern Denmark (c)
• Ideklinikken Aalborg, Head of Innovation Kjeld Lisby (c)
• Intelligent Systems, CEO Niki Grigoriou (c)
Guided tour and company visits, Symbion:
• Company 1 (tbc)
• Company 2 (tbc)
17.00 Departure from Symbion and transport to hotel
19:00 Dinner In walking distance from hotel

Day 3, Thursday 30 May
8.30 Departure from hotel by bus transfer.
9.00 Arrival to the Nordic Council
Welcome by Nordic Council (c)
The Nordic region as frontrunner in innovation procurement in the health sector:
• Nordic Public-Private Innovation Net (c)
• Training and demand dialog network for Innovative Nordic Health care Procurement (c)
• Value based procurements in primary and social care (c)
Nordic Trial Alliance, Copenhagen Trial Unit and Nordforsk (c)
Baltic Alliance against Multi-resistant Bacteria, Wolfgang Blank, Chairman of ScanBalt
Discussion about the role and importance of Bioeconomy by Nordic Council (c)
Submariner – Sustainable uses of Baltic marine resources, Joanna Przedrzymirska, Researcher, The
Maritime Institute, Gdansk (c)
Lunch Nordic Council (c)
Departure Participants take Metro to Kastrup Airport from closeby Kgs. Nytorv

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