Viagens de Estudo da EUSJA

Recebemos da EUSJA três sugestões para visitas de estudo, aqui fica a  mensagem original:

1. A call for a new EUSJA study trip has been organized by the Board – a trip to Lion to participate BioVision conference (, which starts on 27 of March at 2 pm and ends on March 29 at 4 pm. You will find the programme, the list of speakers and the welcome message from Dr. Christian Grenier, BioVision Chief Executive Officer, in attachment. EUSJA has 15 invitations. EUSJA journalists will be offered 2 night accommodation, meal and prepaid tickets. The participants have to take care for their local transportation from the airport to the hotel and back.
Applications must be sent strongly VIA NATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS to Viola Egikova ( or by January 31. Please write a name, position in media, e-mail. And as usual we ask you to write who is your first number and so on in case if you will send more that one application. As soon as the list will be created and forwarded to the organizers, then BioVision press officer will get in touch with the participants.

2. EUSJA study trip to Heidelberg from 18 to 20 of July 2011 to see 2 famous research institutes – DKFZ and EMBL. EUSJA has 25 invitations. The staff of these institutes promises a sophisticated program with a view to bridge basic research topics to applied research in the life sciences. Participants will be introduced to both institutes, their research and there will be ample time to visit laboratories and to interact with scientists. The participants are also welcome to attend the Euroscience Media Award ceremony which will be held at EMBL.
The journalists will be offered accommodation (3 nights), meal and travel to/from Frankfurt airport for free. See attached the draft program. More details will follow later. Applications (name, position in media, e-mail) should be sent
VIA NATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS to Viola Egikova by the end of April.
3. Study trip to JRC Seville (19-21.01.11) – for those who are interested in information technologies and information society (see EUSJA web page for the details). There is a vacancy yet! You may apply to or by the end of this week (the very last day is January 10). Please, ask your members who already applied and did not reply to JRC press officer, to get in touch ASAP.

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